November 5, 2012

YES Alumni and Radio Kolergan

Radio Kolergan, one of the most famous online radio stations in Bangladesh, featured YES alumni Bangladesh in its very popular talk show on the 5th November at 8:30 pm. Five YES alumni, Preva Shomy, Scionara Shehry, Imran Digonto, Shyer Amin and Zuberi Ashraf represented YES alumni Bangladesh and talked about their experiences during the exchange year. And how YES alumni is helping them to shape their future and on-going projects of YES alumni Bangladesh. People from all walks of life curiously listened to them as they shared their surreal experiences and talked about how it changed their lives. A lot of people got inspired and enlightened about YES program. At the end the five YES alumni talked about the current students and how to apply on the YES program. With warm messages from the audience and greetings from the host, the show ended. 

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