November 17, 2012

Halloween Party

The Halloween party for the State Alumni took place successfully on the 17th of November at the Edward M Kennedy Center at Dhanmondi 27. The party started at 3:30pm afternoon and continued till 7:00pm evening. The American Center Cultural Affairs officer, Ms. Tahnia Shahid and iEARN-BD coordinators, Mr. Wasi Mahmud Moni and Mr. Rajib Locan Das attended the event as guests. The whole event was hosted by Shaikh Ahmad. About 45 State alumni attended the event.
The party started with Shaikh Ahmad giving a brief introduction of the first ever Halloween party to be observed and organized in Bangladesh by the YES Alumni Bangladesh. Followed by was a short speech by Ms. Tahnia Shahid. Then there was a fashion show by some participating YES Alumni from different batches exhibiting their attire and costumes. After the fashion show, all the attendants of the party were requested to vote for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best costumes. A entertaining dance was then performed by a few alumni. Then the results of the voting were announced and crests were given to the winners by Mr. Wasi Mahmud Moni, Mr. Rajib Lochan Das and Ms. Tahnia Shahid. This was followed by one of the key events of the Halloween party, "The Haunted House"!! All the people who attended the party went through a dark, decorated room called the Haunted House where they were haunted by zombies, vampires, and monsters.

Then a video was shown to the people attending the party where Shaikh Ahmad's area representative, exchange friend and host mother talks talks about what they think of the YES Alumni celebrating Halloween for the first time in Bangladesh. Later it was time for refreshments and socializing. There were soft drinks, water, cupcakes and pastries for the Halloween party.
The party then ended with Photo sessions and Trick or Treating where everyone was given a bag of Halloween candies.
Overall it was a successful project coordinated by Shaikh Ahmad (YES7), A H M Zuberi Ashraf (YES9), Shomy Hasan Chowdhury (YES9) and Scionara Shehry (YES9)

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