August 13, 2012

K-L YES Alumni Executive Committee Election

As per the decision of the iEARN-BD executive committee, the first K-L YES Alumni Executive Committee Elections were fairly and successfully held from 10th August, 2012, to 12th August, 2012, under the supervision of Mr. Muhammad Maruf Ibne Wali, the Election Commissioner nominated by the American Center. The 9 K-L YES Alumni who are elected Executive Committee members through online voting are as follows:
S.M. Sakib Noor Billah, K-L YES-05
Mohammad Mustahsin Islam, K-L YES-05
A.S.M. Shafayatul Alam, K-L YES-06
Gulshan Jubaed Prince, K-L YES-08
Farazi Ghani, K-L YES-08
Sadman Mondalib, K-L YES-08
Kazi Tamjeed Newaz, K-L YES-08
Arunima Bhattacharjee, K-L YES-08
Shomy Hasan Chowdhury, K-L YES-09
The portfolios of General Secretary, Treasurer and Members will be distributed among the 9 member committee upon their first meeting.
Anyone who successfully completed the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study program was eligible to be nominated as a candidate for Executive Committee Elections. The deadline for submission of nomination papers to the iEARN-BD office was 2nd August, 2012, while the deadline for withdrawing nomination was 4th August, 2012.
To make the Executive Committee an active and effective body, hardworking candidates who would be dedicated to the cause were sought. The list of candidates was finalized on the 5th of August, 2012 and the total number of candidates contesting the elections was 13.
All K-L YES Alumni had 9 votes, and one candidate could not be given more than one vote. There were 175 voters in total, from K-L YES-02 through K-L YES-09. The final voter list was finalized on 27th July, 2012.
The candidates campaigned hard for the elections, with each having their profile uploaded to the iEARN-BD website by the 7th August, 2012. Their profiles contained information on their achievements, what they did in USA on their exchange year, what they did after their return, their plans for the future. They wrote about community service projects they had participated in or they had coordinated, and what kinds of future project they want to coordinate. They wrote about their ambitions, and all talked of how they could help make the EC an effective and engaging body. The candidates also campaigned via a popular social networking site, urging fellow alumni to vote for them through Facebook. They put up beautiful flyers and posters on their and their friends' walls, underlining their achievements and goals and pleading for votes.
The voting started at 2:00 pm, on the 10th of August, 2012. Valid voting time was 48 hours, with no votes being accepted after 2:00 pm, 12th August, 2012. Finally, 9 of the candidates could see their labor bear fruit, with the election results being published on the 13th of August, 2012. All the candidates were notified online, while many came to the iEARN-BD office that day to get the results in person.
Special thanks is deserved for Mr. Muhammad Maruf Ibne Wali, the Election Commissioner, Mr. Rajib Lochan Das, Co-coordinator, iEARN-BD, and Mr. Wasi Mahmud Moni, Co-coordinator, iEARN-BD for the successful completion of the K-L YES Alumni EC elections.

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