October 4, 2012

A conversation with Bangladesh

Building on the platform of the “Town interview with Bangladeshi Youth” of Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, in partnership with Desh TV, US Embassy Dhaka is producing a monthly program entitled “A conversation with Bangladesh”.
YES Alumni joined this talk show, where two of the American guest from Embassy, Joanna Schenke and Raj Sriram were invited. This month’s topic was “US Election and Democracy”. Four of the alumni joined as the panelists, representing the Bangladeshi youth. Sabir Amanullah, American Center staff member and TV personality, hosted the program. Mike Harker, cultural affairs officer at American center worked as the site officer in that show.
Sabir and the guests raised, talked and shared their opinion on the topic; also sharing their views and thoughts with the panelists. The show went ahead discussing about the election process in the US; election and democracy in root levels and in youth; purpose of the presidential debate; transparent fair and free election; young Americans attitude towards election. YES alumni shared their thoughts about young Bangladeshi’s attitude, views about election.
The show came to an end with the significance to build mutual relationships, both the US and Bangladesh can share their views towards democracy.

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